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Kaveah's Latest Collection at Boca Raton Hotel Lauches on 05.10.24

Kaveah has partnered with the iconic Boca Raton Hotel to launch an exclusive Swim and Summer Collection, setting a new standard for resort wear. This collaboration brings together Kaveah's reputation for elevated designs and the Boca Raton Hotel's legacy of opulence, creating a collection that promises modernity and comfort in equal measure.

The collection is inspired by the vibrant lifestyle and landscapes of Boca Raton, featuring a palette of soft pastels and rich hues, against lush greenery and wooden tones. From swimwear for the next-gen global girl to dresses that can be worn on a bike or to the beach.

This collaboration blends craftsmanship and sustainability, with each garment thoughtfully created to meet the highest standards of quality and eco-consciousness.