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Set In Summer

As the sun reached its zenith, the serene coastal towns alike were awash in the vibrant hues of summer.

With an introduction of ribbed materials adding depth and texture, each piece exuded an irresistible charm, seamlessly blending cozy comfort with elevated streetwear. The stunning palette of creams, greens, and pinks painted the urban landscape with an air of freshness and vitality, reflecting the spirit of the next-gen global girl.

From oversized pullover hoodies to ribbed biker shorts, every garment told a story of effortless style and individuality. As the summer sun dipped below the horizon, these limited edition pieces transcend season to season, effortlessly.

Straight Leg Pant - KAVEAH
Straight Leg Pant - KAVEAH
Straight Leg Pant - KAVEAH

"Summer 23 was designed to seamlessly transition from summer to your year-round capsule wardrobe. We hope you loved this collection as much as we did."

– Ava & Leah